Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Easy ice cream jamroll / swissroll cake

Dis baie maklik om te maak en lyk baie impressive op enige tafel. 

1 Jam Roll / Swiss Roll – enough to line a medium bowl with about 10 cups capacity
1 litre vanilla ice cream
About 1 ½  cup frozen raspberries (mashed) optional
2 to 3 soft chocolate bars, finely chopped (Bar one or Top Deck)


Line bowl with plastic wrap, leaving enough plastic wrap to be able to wrap back over the cake after adding the filling.
Cut jelly rolls into even slices and line the bottom and sides of the bowl. (If there are any gaps, add smaller pieces and fill up the holes.)
Soften ice cream slightly in microwave.  (Just enough so you can easily work with it.)
Pour the ice cream into a separate large bowl and stir raspberries into softened ice cream.
Add about half of the ice cream mixture to the bowl lined with the jam roll.
Press slightly to remove any air bubbles.
Add a layer of the crushed chocolate bars.
Cover with the remaining ice cream mixture.
Now cover the top with more jelly roll slices.
Fold over plastic wrap to seal the cake. Press down well to remove all air bubbles. Put in freezer until firm (overnight is best).

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