Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sarah & Mike

OK so I'm crazy about Home Channel and my all time favourite show is Sarah's House.  Sarah Richardson is the first designer EVER to decorate rooms EXACTLY the way I like it.  She is amazing !!!!  Brilliant !!!! (I don't have enough words.)

So I was thinking about an early Christmas wish for my home:

Hmmmmm  what if ...........  Mike Holmes of Holmes Inspections can come and make sure all is ok with my house..... ?  I think he will have lots to do, but at least my home will be super fantastic and safe and as solid as a rock afterwards.  (I'll trust no one else...)
AND THEN:  Sarah must do the decorating.  Oh my word. 

Ahhhhh ....  I can dream can't I  ...  (smile)

NS:  I couldn't even decide on a photo of a "decorated by Sarah room" to place here.  How can I place just one?  They are all fabulous !!! 

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